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Requesting an Account

Each person with access to resources on the cluster is granted an account with approval their adviser, sponsor, or supervisor.

Faculty Notice

Are you a faculty member with a course that uses Palmetto?

Please use the Bulk Account Request process to acquire accounts for all of your students at once, rather than asking them to submit requests individually.


All Clemson University students, faculty and staff may request an account through the ITHELP Portal.

  1. Use the direct link to the account request form to access the ITHELP Portal.


    Wait 30 seconds after clicking the link to the form. The portal will display a home page while loading the form in the background.

    If you are prompted to log in, you must wait again after submitting your credentials.

  2. Complete all fields on the form.

    blank account request form

  3. Press Save when you are finished.

Tips and Alternative Methods

The ITHELP Portal can be difficult to use on some devices. Try our alternate instructions if the above does not work for you.

Video walkthrough

One of our colleagues has prepared a video to demonstrate how to find the account request form.

Supported devices (desktop)

The ITHELP Portal is not very mobile-friendly and is best viewed from a desktop computer.

Manually locating the form

You can manually locate the form by navigating through the portal using these instructions:

  1. Access the ITHelp Portal.
  2. Select Browse Our Services on the homepage.
    • If prompted, log in with your Clemson University account.
  3. Select Research.
  4. Select Research Computing.
  5. Select High Perf Computing and Storage.
  6. Select the Request Account issue type.
  7. Complete all fields on the form.
  8. Press Save when you are finished.

What Happens Next?

After you submit the account request form, an email is sent to your adviser, sponsor, or supervisor asking for their approval. They must respond within three business days.

After your request is approved, a member of the RCD team will provision your account, usually within two business days. You will receive an email from us when this is complete.

Lastly, you will need to attend an onboarding session to learn how to use the cluster. Find out how to attend a session on the onboarding workshop page.