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RCD GitLab Documentation

Clemson Research Computing and Data maintains a GitLab instance at

All users with Palmetto access can use GitLab.

gitlab project screen capture

GitLab Use Cases and Features

  • Code Storage
    • Track changes to your code and workflows with your lab and other researchers
  • Documentation
    • Use the wiki feature ot document your software, workflow, or other important lab information.
    • Quickly onboard new team members with a central knowledge base.
  • Container Registry
    • Store your Docker or Singularity images
  • CI/CD (Coming Soon)
    • Build your software or container in a reproducible environment and store in the GitLab Package/Container registry.

Learn more about the features of GitLab from their documentation.

New to Git?

GitLab provides a cheat sheet of the command commands here.

The RCDE team will offer a number of workshops on using GitLab for version control and CI/CD. Check out our training schedule for upcoming workshops.