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ColdFront Overview

ColdFront is our new resource and allocation management tool. It will streamline requests for RCD resources.

With ColdFront, faculty (PIs) are able to:

  • Request allocation on Palmetto 2 and other RCD resources.
  • Add/remove user access to their requested allocations.
  • Elevate selected users to be Managers, allowing them to handle many of the project owner's tasks (adding/removing users, renewing allocations, updating project information).
  • Provide information such as grants, publications and other reportable data for periodic review by center director to demonstrate the need for the resources.

With ColdFront, students cannot become Principal Investigators (PIs) and are not authorized to create projects in ColdFront. However, they can be promoted to Manager status within a project, allowing them to act on behalf of the project owner by managing user access and allocations.

Accessing ColdFront

To access ColdFront, use There is also a link within our documentation site in the Applications section.

Getting Started

To get started, faculty should create a project. Projects in ColdFront are containers that allow faculty to organize their resource allocations and personnel.

Once a project is created:

Research projects must be reviewed once a year, confirming that the project description and users are still accurate and updating any publication and grant information.

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators (PIs), or Project Owners, play a crucial role in managing Palmetto2 and other RCD resources within ColdFront. This guide outlines the responsibilities and privileges granted to PIs using the ColdFront.

Who can be a Principal Investigator?

Principal Investigators are typically faculty members who oversee research projects requiring computational resources. PIs are responsible for managing project resources, data, and team access within ColdFront.

To learn about the privileges of faculty, please visit the 'With ColdFront, faculty (PIs) are able to' section under ColdFront Overview.

Support Request

If you believe your PI classification was done in error on ColdFront, to upgrade, please open a support request.