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About the Palmetto Cluster

Palmetto is Clemson University's primary high-performance computing (HPC) resource; heavily utilized by researchers, students, faculty, and staff from a broad range of disciplines.

Proposal Authors

Here to gather information for your research proposal? We have a Facilities Description for you with all the details you need.


Currently, Palmetto is comprised of 1786 compute nodes (totaling 34916 CPU cores), and features:

  • 1786 compute nodes, totaling 34916 cores
  • over 850 nodes are equipped with 2x NVIDIA Tesla GPUs (K20, K40, P100, V100 and A100)
  • 15 large-memory nodes with 0.75 TB - 1.5 TB of memory)
  • 100 GB home directory space for each user
  • 2.2 PB of scratch storage space
  • 10 and 25 Gbps Ethernet, and 56 and 100 Gbps Infiniband networks
  • benchmarked at 3.0 PFlops
  • the cluster is 100% battery-backed

Condominium Model

Palmetto cluster operates in a condominium model which allows faculty to purchase immediate access to compute nodes on the cluster. More information can be found in the Owner's Guide.