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Onboarding Sessions

All new users of the Palmetto Cluster are required to attend an onboarding training session. The training gives users an overview of:

  • what resources are available on Palmetto
  • methods to connect to Palmetto resources
  • how to submit and run jobs
  • responsible use of shared resources

How to Attend

Onboarding sessions are offered weekly on Fridays at 9 am, and 10am. The sessions are offered online via Microsoft Teams.

Additional Sessions

Additional onboarding sessions will be offered during the final weeks of May to assist users with transitioning to Slurm.

Wednesday, May 22nd10:00 AM
Wednesday, May 29th10:00 AM

Registration for these additional times follows the same procedure as normal sessions (see instructions below).


Please note that your Palmetto account must be approved before registering for the onboarding session. An account is required to participate.


You must sign in to the booking site with your Clemson account (as described below). Signing in with a personal Outlook account will not work, and you will be redirected to your outlook email rather than the booking site.

  1. Open our onboarding booking link.

  2. When you click the booking link, it will open an Outlook Login window. Fill in your email as your Clemson email and select Next.

    Screenshot of Outlook Login with Clemson email filled.

  3. Select "Work or school account" from the next screen.

    Screenshot of Outlook Login, selecting work or school account.

  4. You should now be redirected to a Clemson login page (you can confirm the domain is Enter your Clemson password and press Sign in.

    Screenshot of Clemson ADFS login screen.

  5. Select your preferred 2fa/Duo option.

    Screenshot of Clemson ADFS 2FA screen.

  6. Once your Clemson login is complete, you will be redirected back to Outlook and asked if you'd like to stay signed in. You can select Yes if this is a personal computer.

    Screenshot of Outlook asking if you'd like to remain signed in.

  7. You should now see our Research Computing and Data booking page and select your desired date and time from the available slots.

    Screenshot of Research Computing and Data booking page.

  8. You should get an email with the link to join the session through Microsoft Teams.


If you cannot attend, please unregister from the session. To do so,

  1. In your original confirmation email, select Reschedule.

    Screenshot of confirmation email with reschedule button.

  2. Select cancel booking in the web browser that opens.

    Screenshot of browser with cancel booking button.


After completing the training, please feel free to review the onboarding materials again if you ever need to. You are welcome to attend another onboarding session and follow along, or review the onboarding workshop page on your own.