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Onboarding Sessions

All new users of the Palmetto Cluster are required to attend an onboarding training session. The training gives users an overview of:

  • what resources are available on Palmetto
  • methods to connect to Palmetto resources
  • how to submit and run jobs
  • responsible use of shared resources

How to Attend

Onboarding sessions are offered weekly on Fridays at 9 am on days when the university is open and classes are in session. The sessions are offered online via Zoom.


Please note that your Palmetto account must be approved before registering for the onboarding session. An account is required to participate.

Please follow the steps below to join us for onboarding:

  1. First, you will need to register for the session through Zoom.
  2. After you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom meeting information.
  3. Before joining, please make sure that you sign in to the Zoom app using your Clemson SSO account.
    1. You can visit to sign in.
    2. For more help with signing in to Zoom, please see the knowledge base article for more information.
  4. After signing into Zoom, click the meeting link in your email to join.
🛟 Having trouble joining the onboarding training meeting?

Try the following common solutions to fix your issue:

  1. Check the date of the session you registered for in the confirmation email. You must register for the specific date you plan to attend.

  2. Check to make sure that you have signed in to your Zoom app through Clemson SSO. You can follow the instructions in the knowledge base article to get signed in.

    If you are not signed in properly, you may se an error similar to below:

    zoom meeting error: This meeting is for authorized participants only

If you still cannot join the meeting, please let us know by opening a support ticket or sending us a chat message.


After completing the training, please feel free to review the onboarding materials again if you ever need to. You are welcome to attend another onboarding session and follow along, or review the onboarding workshop page on your own.